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Happy International Womens Day with Blue Movie!

Happy International Womens Day everyone!

Check out BLUE MOVIE!

1. Nicknames for each other within the band?
Not really, we do sometimes refer to Ant with the ant emoji in group texts though.

2. Are there any causes/organizations that are particularly close to your hearts and that you w…

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November Spotlight: Shark Muffin!

CHECK OUT SHARK MUFFIN FROM:  Brooklyn, NY / Jersey Shore


Tarra Thiessen: Guitar/Vocals

Natalie Kirch: Bass/Vocals

Drew Adler: Drums

Chris Nunez: Guitar

1. Most important lesson you’ve learned from being in the music industry?
Trust no one

2. Is there a code of…

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October Spotlight: All New Episode!

Check out what All New Episode from Bellmore, NY has to say!

1. Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage? 
2 mild concussions... Noko caught the headstock of a guitar with the back of her head but still finished the set, and Gramps didn’t see the over head monitors before playing, …

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September Spotlight with Bad Mary!

Check out what Bad Mary has to say from Kings Park, NY!

Their new EP comes out on Sept 29th! Be sure to check it out!

1. Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes? If you have vinyl, which is your most cherished album?
We all still have a lot of our analog media. Mike and Am…

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August Spotlight: Megaweapon!

Check out Megaweapon from Long Island, NY!

1. Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage?
Not one of us but our friend Courtney came to sing with us once and she somehow tripped over her ownself and twisted her ankle.

2. If you ever decided to do an entire album of covers, which so…

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July Spotlight: Scarlet Canary!

Scarlet Canary from Denver, CO!
-Performing Rock Fest on 7/14 with Avenged Sevenfold and Korn. 
-Opening for Saliva in Denver, CO on 8/4
-East Coast dates coming this Fall!

1. Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage?
My old guitarist threw his …

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June Interview: Sharp Violet!

Check out this month's interview with Sharp Violet from Lindenhurst, NY!
Upcoming Shows:
Connollys Pub:
July 7th, doors are at 8pm
Address: 121 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

1. Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes? If …

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May Interview: Smoking Martha!

Check out Smoking Martha from Brisbane, Australia!
1. Which do you find more difficult/intimidating ~ performing for a comparatively small audience (especially one that you know includes family and/or friends) in a more intimate venue or for a huge [faceless/anonymous] cro…

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April Interview: No Small Children!


No Small Children

LP- Lisa P
NB- Nicola Berlinsky
JP- Joanie Pimentel

1. Worst injury any of you suffered onstage?
NB: Loading gear into a show on the first night of a run of 10 shows in a row, Lisa closed the trunk on her hand. She played through the pain that night, but by the…

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March Interview: Whiskey Crossing

Check out Whiskey Crossing from Vernon, NJ!

1. Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes? If you have vinyl, which is your most cherished album?
 Vinyl is an essential part of any musician/music fan's love for music. Andrew has a huge vinyl collection (over 100 records) stu…

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February Interview: Damn Broads!

One of our…

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December Spotlight: All New Episode!

Hailing from Bellmore, NY, All New Episode features:
Noko - Vocals 
Sean - Guitar / backup vox
Sidewalk Mike - Guitar
Eammon - Bass 
Doug - Drums 
All New Episode is storming the Long Island music scene with their own blend of energetic…

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November Spotlight: WASTED JOHNNY'S


Guitar/Vocal: Angie
Drums: Young Jin
Bass: Nils
From: Seoul Korea
The band states they "are a strong cocktail of Blues based Rock'n'Roll with a Grunge grit. Drink with(out) caution."
Check out the video for "Get wasted + crossroad Meet…

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October Spotlight: Youth Moose!


Youth Moose

Stephanie (Vocals)
Chris (Guitar / Vocals)
Billy (Bass)
"Youth Moose is a band made up of three humans. They are all Staten Islanders. They are also free-loving hippies who meditate on their chakras and contemplate their own humanness. They are not i…

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September Spotlight: Striking Copper

Striking Copper

Allie Donnelly - Vocals
Jacquie Lee - Vocals
Matt Donnelly - Vocals/Guitar
Frank Cacciutto - Drums
John Stewart - Bass
Dan Bennett - Guitar
"Striking Copper is a rock/folk rock band hailing out of Wilmington, North Carolina fronted by redheaded twin sisters…

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August Spotlight: Scarlet Sails


For tour dates, head to:

Band Members:
Olya Viglione - vocals/piano
Brian Viglione - drums
Nick Emde - guitar
Joe Noval - bass


"Indie rock band with a soul and attitude. When all you see is darkness within you find th…

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July Spotlight: Megaweapon!

'Megaweapon is an indie-rock band from Long Island, NY featuring Michi Turk on vocals/keytar, Andy Stieglitz on guitar/vocals, Mike McCarthy on drums, and Erik “Punkrich” on vocals/bass. Megaweapon has come on to the Long Island independent music scene full force. Named for a war vehicl…

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June Spotlight: Antigone Rising

"Alt-Country Boot Stompin' Rockers from NYC. 
If The Eagles were pretty + The Allman Brothers had no facial hair = Antigone Rising"
Nini Camps, Kristen Henderson, Cathy Henderson, Dena Tauriello
"Antigone Rising storms into the new year with a foot stom…

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May Spotlight: The Savages

Members: Jehn, Gemma, Ay┼če, Fay
Hometown: London
"Savages Manifesto #1
Savages' intention is to create a sound, indestructible, musically solid, written for the stage and designed with enough nuances to provide a wide range of emotions. Savages are a self-affirming vo…

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April Spotlight: Binary Heart!

Mike Costa - Lead Vox/guitars/drums 
Steve Wozniak - bass
Erica Clayton - keys/vox/bells
Jon Greco - guitar

Binary Heart was born in 2010, out of a strong friendship and love of music, to Mike Costa (BTMI/ASOB) and Steve Wozniak (Legitimate Business/Civil War…

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