August Spotlight: Megaweapon!

August 14, 2017

Check out Megaweapon from Long Island, NY!

1. Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage?
Not one of us but our friend Courtney came to sing with us once and she somehow tripped over her ownself and twisted her ankle.

2. If you ever decided to do an entire album of covers, which songs would make the cut?
We would easily include "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor and "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.

3. Are there any causes/organizations that are particularly close to your hearts and that you would encourage the public to support?
A Voice for the Innocent which works with victims of sexual abuse is an organization that is close to my heart- I began training as a volunteer and hope to bring their pamphlets and educational materials to our shows in the near future. Any organizations which support LGBTQ rights we do our best to support as well as organizations that help homeless animals.

4. Anyone in the band a true foodie?
I would say definitely- all of us really love food but I'm the chef of the group. I have a few food allergies which have caused me to get creative in how I cook and creative with what i order in restaurants.

5. What’s the one local place ~ restaurant, dive, pool hall, tattoo parlor, etc. ~ that you HAVE to visit every time you’re back home?
We're huge fans of Bubba's Burrito Bar in Islip.

6. Most important lesson you’ve learned from being in the music industry?
To be supportive of others in the industry and to play for people that might even be fans of a band whose values you don't necessarily agree with. Trash talking doesn't get anyone anywhere these days- there's no more "rockstars" that trash hotels and treat people badly because making money is all too rare in this business. Being supportive and respectful is really important, especially of women and people of color in music who don't have it as easy as white men in music.

7.  Most impressive/worthwhile (from your perspective, not the public’s) music industry event (awards show, NAMM, etc.) you’ve ever attended?
LAUNCH Music Conference has been particularly exciting for me as a musician and a writer and publicist-hopeful but it's really one of the very few networking events I've had the opportunity to go to.

8. Name you’d absolutely love to give your next tour even if there’s no way in hell you’d be “allowed” to?
Probably something about dicks made out of gold because for some reason I said that once and got ragged on for it for like a few hours.

9. If you could have been involved in the soundtrack to one film, which film would you have chosen?

10. Is the music industry what you thought it would be when you were still a young band looking in from the outside?
Not at all! From my perspective when I was younger, I thought it would be much easier for women and people of color because of the popularity of hip hop as a genre and how successful women in pop are. However, it is not the same in rock music and I'm a lot more aware of that as time goes on.

11. Is what the band wears a consideration that you discuss as a group (and if so, does one of you have the final say on whether something is inappropriate, do you have a stylist, or do you all just put on whatever you’re feeling for each gig?
Occasionally we will discuss as a group- we also occasionally wear color stripes on our faces to match our EP Behind Glass Walls. Mostly, we all just seem to match because everyone tends to wear black, white or grey and I'll wear something colorful or all black.

12. Which generally comes first in your songwriting process, lyrics or instrumentals? Or does it vary so much that there is no “generally?”
It really varies! I would prefer if the lyrics came first because it's more challenging for me to place lyrics to instrumentals.

13. Do you have, for lack of a better word, understudies who could take over for various members of the band in a truly last minute emergency when it’s already too late to cancel a show?
We have one! My partner Mike was a member of the band for almost a year until Erik joined the band. He plays with us on both guitar and bass if Erik or Andrew can't make a show.

14. Does having both males and females in the band cause occasional “clashes of the genders,” make for a more creative musical environment due to different perspectives/approaches that each gender brings, or have absolutely no bearing on the creative process?
I feel very lucky to say that our genders always work well together! We almost never clash creatively and my bandmates are very supportive of feminine ideals. There's a few times where they will say no to something because they don't feel it represents them as well- which is fine and I don't take offense to it at all. Lyrically, we keep the topics of our songs (like in love songs or what not) to be gender neutral so any of us can sing lead and it not be uncomfortable.

15. Do any of you teach music in one form or another?
Yes! Andrew and I both taught lessons when the band first formed and we would like to as part of a future crowdfund effort.

16. Are any of you artists in other media outlets ~ painting, sculpting…?
I work in screen printing professionally besides being in the band and it's a skill I definitely am working on improving. I'm a writer- prose and poetry and also enjoy acting. I hope to someday become a photographer- but I haven't been able to come up with enough money to buy a worthwhile camera.  Andrew is into acting- he performs improv and does sketch comedy. He studied film in college and works in television professionally. Mike does graphic design, and Erik does some sound design and recording. Erik also takes drawing classes from one of our friends and he's working pretty hard to improve. I think that Mike and Andrew would both be really good at standup comedy if they tried.

17. How important is the choice of producer for your albums?
We are particulary fond of the engineer we've worked with for our last 2 EPs- Nicholas Starrantino. We also love to work with my close friend and producer- Chase Winters. I hope in the future to have a producer who is a woman jump on board with us as well.

18. Any technical gadget/feature that you wish someone would invent for your instrument?
I wish it was a lot simpler to change settings on keyboards with built in sounds- like something like a pedal or footswitch instead of having to lift ones hands from a keyboard.

19. Do you ever wear any of your band's own merch?
Yes to bed sometimes!

20. Not to get political, but what are your thoughts on music classes being offered in every school?
I think being able to explore music and the arts should be offered to all children and that arts should be taken seriously as career choices in the ways that math and science are!

21. For the females in the band ~ Do you have male groupies? And how do they act?
It’s hard to envision guys acting the way the stereotypical female groupies do, but…Honestly, I do.  I'll get messages often asking me if I have a boyfriend or telling me I'm beautiful from both male and female fans. I always act politely but haven't engaged with anyone who feels that way.

22. Any special “shout-outs” you’d like to give?
To my friends in Bad Mary and Lila Ignite- my favorite rock bands and friends. They've been the best friends anyone could ask for in the last 3 years we've been a band. Giant Kitty and j and the 9s are also two bands that hugely inspire me.


Upcoming dates:
October 6 - Boston MA



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