February Interview: Damn Broads!

One of our first spotlights here at VAGXCORE was the Damn Broads so it's only fitting that our first interview be with them! 


The Damn Broads formed in May 2010 from Torrington, CT. They are a punk band that happens to consist of all girls but don't let their gender fool you - they are NOT a girl band. The broads have a unique sound. They're influenced by punk rock, street punk, pogo, oi and alcohol...lots of alcohol. They've been compared to The Pist, Black Flag and the girl version of Minor Threat.

In 2012 the broads self released their first full length CD, "Loud, Fast and in the Dark." Recorded at The Cutting Room in Manhattan, New York the broads bring it to you raw! In 2015 the broads released their second full length CD, yet first full length CD as a three piece "Guilty As Charged" with all three ladies alternating on vocals.

Interview with Damn Broads:

1) Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes? If you have vinyl, which is your most cherished album?
- Yes, all three of us collect vinyls and cassettes. We are going to have to say our most cherished albums are an autographed Joan Jett, autographed Casualties and The Pist. 

2) If you ever decided to do an entire album of covers, which songs would make the cut
These are some of the ones we would pick because we have either played them in the past, or we're planning to in the near future:

- Cock Sparrer, watch your back
- Lower Class Brats, just like clockwork
- The Pist, slogans
- The Adicts, straight jacket
- Oxymoron, the pigs
- Bad Brians, pay to cum
- Minor Threat, screamin at a wall
- Cheap Sex, launch off to war
- Antidote, fuck homophobia/let's get drunk

3) Are there any causes/organizations that are particularly close to your hearts and that you would encourage the public to support?
- We actually just made a new song for our upcoming album called "Monsters." It is about animal abuse and how the real monsters are human. Once we release it, we will be giving all proceeds to a no kill shelter in our area. We have a few songs on our new cd about causes we believe in such as LGBTQ and womens rights. 

4) Ultimate venue that you’d want to play ~ one that captures exactly what the band is about and is a perfect match for your performance style.
- We have found our venue! We have already played there but are planning to go back this September. 924 Gilman in Berkely, CA is a huge part of history in punk rock. Many bands we grew up listening to have played this venue and we were honored to play the same stage as they did.  We would have loved to play CBGB's in NYC but unfortunately it closed before we became a band. 

5) Name you’d absolutely love to give your next tour even if there’s no way in hell you’d be “allowed” to?
-  This question is perfect actually since we will be on tour in September. We're thinking "Damn Broads cant drive!" tour or "Grab your cunts, lets roll!" We haven't decided.

6) If you could have been involved in the soundtrack to one film, which film would you have chosen? 
- Planet Terror. What would be more bad ass than 3 angry broads screaming in the background of a half naked chick with a machine gun for a leg? Come on...

7) If you were putting together a headlining tour, who would be on the bill?
- We would create the "CT takes over tour!" We would bring along some other talented bands from Connecticut such as Cry Havoc!, God's Middle Finger, Productive Member and Lost Riots. 

8) Are any of you artists in other media outlets ~ painting, sculpting…?
- Our bass player Michelle is an amazing artist whether it's digital, watercolor, stencils, ink.... And we're not just saying that, because if she sucked we would tell you. She designs all our flyers, album art and merchandise. She just illustrated a childrens book which is pretty fucking sweet. She's got skills. 
instagram: @rightinthetrash

9) Any technical gadget/feature that you wish someone would invent for your instrument?
- Drums to pack themselves!!! You know those Russian stacking dolls? Drums should come like that. Also never breaking/rusting guitar strings and instrument cables that never crap out! 

10) Do you ever wear any of your band's own merch?
- Can you say, laundry dayyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

11) Silliest mild fear /phobia about which your bandmates constantly mock you?
- Yes....we each have a phobia and it's terrible! We fuck with each other constantly. We are hoping by coming out with our fears right now, everyone will protect us if any of these horrifying things are around us: Moths, dolls and octopuses. Oh my!

12) Most kickass meal in any town or country you’ve visited?
- Every time we tour we have to hit up Wawa anywhere and everywhere. You may think it's just a gas station but boy are you wrong. It's cheaper than a restaurant yet just as good. Plus you don't have socialize with anyone because you order through a touch screen. It's also got a cute goose logo. 

13) What would the authorized biography of your band be titled?
- "Booze, Tattoos and Boobs the Unauthorized Biography of Damn Broads" 

14) Any major shows or festivals that you’re dying to play but haven’t yet had the chance to?
- FYWROK (Fuck You We Rule OK)...We want to be in you!!!!!!

15) How many days in a row can you wear the same pair of pants on tour before it becomes, ya know, a problem?
- We're pretty crusty on tour...we admit it. But no more than 3! Then it's definitely a problem for everyone else in the van. Bring febreze! 

Thank you for having us, cheers!! 


They plan to have their third full length album finished by June of this year. September they'll be driving from CT to CA to promote the new cd! Here are some dates booked:
Sept 16th - St. Louis, MO
Sept 17th - Tulsa, OK
Sept 20th - Salt Lake City, UT
Sept 22nd - Los Angeles, CA
More dates to be added!!!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/damnbroads
Bandcamp: https://damnbroads.bandcamp.com/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/damnbroadspunk
Store: http://damnbroads.bigcartel.com/

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Fuck yes they are coming back to LA!

Great interview! I love these broads!