March Interview: Whiskey Crossing

March 15, 2017

Check out Whiskey Crossing from Vernon, NJ!

1. Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes? If you have vinyl, which is your most cherished album?
 Vinyl is an essential part of any musician/music fan's love for music. Andrew has a huge vinyl collection (over 100 records) stuffed in a 100 year old metal trunk he bought off a woman who came from Italy, made out of Tuna Fish cans and wood. The most cherished album in that collection is without a doubt "Joshua Tree" by U2.
2. Ultimate venue that you’d want to play ~ one that captures exactly what the band is about and is a perfect match for your performance style..
The ultimate venue that we would ever want to play has got to be basically at any major country music festival. To experience what it would be like to share the stage with all of the country artists that inspire us. To see ourselves on the same level as they are. 
3. Did you keep the first bass/guitar/kit/mic/etc. you ever had, even if it was from childhood, and have you kept all subsequent instruments from over the years?
We still have our very first guitars and all other instruments we learned music with. Tina has "Vaidah", her $100 cheap acoustic Epiphone guitar. She has been, and always will be a beauty. Andrew still has his first guitar he ever bought, in Austria at a local music shop. A handmade custom classical acoustic guitar. 
4. One person you would really like to see you perform?
One person we'd really like to see us perform is hands down, Steven Tyler. Because we know he'd appreciate it, and he would always give positive feedback. He seems like the most down-to-earth, music loving hippie anyone could get along with. Plus, we'd expect him to join us on stage!
5. Silliest mild fear /phobia about which your bandmates constantly mock you?
Our mild fears, are more than mildly entertaining. Tina is afraid of clowns, which Andrew delightfully sends her pictures of Pennywise from "IT", with no remorse. Yet, Andrew is afraid of birds, so whenever we pass by giant ostriches after our shows at the State Fairs, Tina always volunteers Andrew to feed them!
6. How did the band come together? Was there an audition process? Did you all already know each other or each other’s work in previous bands? Were there some early line-up changes before everything finally clicked?
The band came together in church. That's where it all started. Tina and I used to be in a Praise Band together. Then we decided we need to express our love of Whiskey more than our love of Jesus, so we rebelled, quit church and branched out! Okay...kidding...a little bit. We did start in church, but we realized we wanted to reach people on a different level other than church. So we formed the duo to see where life would take us, and how many lives we can touch with our music. Best choice we ever made.
7. If you could have been involved in the soundtrack to one film, which film would you have chosen?
If we could have our music featured in the soundtrack of a film, Tina would want it to be in "The Runaways". She loves how the whole movie is put together, showing scenes about younger musicians. The overall theme of the movie could fit well with our music. Andrew would want it to be in "Walk The Line". Not only does Johnny Cash fit our style, the whole story behind his music is very much like our story, in a way. 
8. Do it for the fans? Or do it for yourself?
We absolutely play music for the fans. Because if there are no fans, it would be an empty show. And if
there is anybody who doesn't enjoy your music, there is no point in even playing! 
9. Do you ever wear any of your band's own merch?
We honestly love wearing our own merch. Not only is it free promotion to wear our shirts, have bumper stickers on our cars, it just feels so cool to see our name and reminds us to live up to it. So every time it sparks a conversation, or inspires somebody to Google the name, you know you'll never let it down.
10. Any special “shout-outs” you’d like to give?
We'd like to give a special shout-out to Antigone Rising for allowing us to be a part of their evening, when we opened for them at the Stanhope House. It was truly an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with such an amazing band, and we cannot be more thankful for that opportunity from the bottom of our hearts.
That is all the answers we have for you. Thank you so much for reaching out to us, having us be a part of this! It was so nice meeting you! You rock!!! Our upcoming shows are: April 22nd, we open for Madeline Smith at the Stanhope House, and then May 20th we open for Nikki Briar at the Stanhope House!

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