October Spotlight: All New Episode!

October 10, 2017

Check out what All New Episode from Bellmore, NY has to say!

1. Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage? 
2 mild concussions... Noko caught the headstock of a guitar with the back of her head but still finished the set, and Gramps didn’t see the over head monitors before playing, and knocked himself out by jumping full force into one of them. After a few seconds he came back to, and finished the set with both feet on the ground. Lol

2. Nicknames for each other within the band?
Lead Vox- Ms. Noko Ohno, Guitar/vox- Grandpa Timpa,
guitar/vox#2- Mr. Sidewalk Mike,
Bass- Amen Phoenix, and Mr. Douggie Funny on the skins.

3. Anyone in the band a true foodie? 
Well it's no secret that we like to eat. In the past, while writing new songs we tend to prename songs after foods and desserts (like creamed spinach, apple fritters, and Gyros just to name a few) But our boy Douggie does this Taco and Tech Tuesdays blog on the All New Episode LI Punk rock and Ska, fan group on facebook. He even did a how-to-video on how to make a seriously kick ass burrito.

4. Name you’d absolutely love to give your next tour even if there’s no way in hell you’d be “allowed” to?
Free Beer and Chicken Wings 12.99

5. If you could have been involved in the soundtrack to one film, which film would you have chosen?
Last Action Hero

6. What’s the strangest gift any fan has given…or tried to give…you?

7. Does having both males and females in the band cause occasional “clashes of the genders,” make for a more creative musical environment due to different perspectives/approaches that each gender brings, or have absolutely no bearing on the creative process?
Honestly, gender makes no difference in our process, personalities are totally another story.  When you throw 5 people with potent and stubborn personalities into one room, gender is an afterthought, it’s all about who is the loudest!  Same goes for the creative process, we tend to butt heads when it comes to how we expand on different ideas, but depending on who’s more tenacious on any given day is what effects the outcome.  Since we’ve all been around the block though, we don’t get too carried away and our arguments really are more productive than disruptive.  Organized chaos.

8. Things go wrong when you play live: Have you ever played one of those shows when the “wrong” wasn’t something that only members of the band or other musicians in the audience would notice, but was of the “absolutely no hiding it” type?
        We’ve all been subject to one of those shows that fall under the category of “natural disaster.”  In the time I’ve been with All New Episode, we’ve had guitar/bass cables stop working so the crowd couldn’t hear guitar or bass during songs, house drum kits that were such garbage the legs of the toms gave out and I had to hold it up with my leg or had no option but to play a drum set righty even though I’m lefty.  We’ve also experienced complete power failure and everything but the drums were inaudible.  In those instances, there was definitely no hiding it. 
        As for straight up mistakes by us bandmates, we’ve definitely had shows where things are played so poorly that the audience notices.  However, it’s rare generally because we don’t stop, we catch ourselves in our mistakes and jump back in without missing a beat or we joke it off with the crowd and they think it’s all an act.  Practice makes perfect but making mistakes tests the group’s dynamic and chemistry.

9. Any technical gadget/feature that you wish someone would invent for your instrument?
Since the day I (Doug) started having to haul my drums from gig to gig I’ve wished and hoped that someone would create the capsules made by Capsule Corp in Dragon Ball.  I would be able to carry my kit in my pocket, click the capsule and it in a showy puff of smoke my drums would be set and ready to play, then I’d push the capsule again and back they would go after the set right into my pocket!  Oh how I dream of the day!

10. Do you ever wear any of your band's own merch?
We have been known to wear our own merch on occasion, usually for shameless self-promotion. Doug, Sean and Mike all wore ANE tees when we took a band field trip to Warped Tour in 2016.

11. How did the band come together? Was there an audition process? Did you all already know each other or each other’s work in previous bands? Were there some early line-up changes before everything finally clicked?
Noko and Sean had been collaborating musically since 2006 and in 2011 had originated the All New Episode band and some songs. In 2012, Doug joined the mix as the new drummer for the group. Noko met Mike at a Hurricane Sandy benefit show on Long Island in December of that year and asked if he would be interested in jamming sometime. After a few months both Mike and Eammonn were asked to help fill in on bass for a couple of shows that were scheduled for the spring of 2013. And unable to decide who would join the group as permanent bassist, Mike opted to play second guitar and really fill out the sound of All New Episode. We've been a five piece ever since.

12. When the band tours, should audiences expect slightly different versions of the songs from what’s on the album or do you try to duplicate the sound of the album as closely as possible?
We write music to be played live, where we can bring some passion and power to the table. The studio is a different beast to us, that’s where we want our songs to be nice and shiny, as well as doing things we can't necessarily do in a live setting. We're getting more comfortable working in the studio as we progress as a band, but music is an exchange of energies and the best way to feel that is live and in person.

13. What's your opinions of a tribute band vs a cover band?
I feel like tribute bands are only songs of one artist / band, where a cover band can be an entire genre, era, etc. If that's not the case .. whoops. Either way though, support original music so those cover and / or tribute bands have more material

14. Any special “shout-outs” you’d like to give? 
My long island buddies in these bands that you should check out – laid out in a specific not specific order: The Avoiders, Craving Strange, Crisis Crayons, Flak Jacket, Jackknife Stiletto, Last Turn Off Broadway, No Lives Matter (N!LM), Revel9, Sweet Tooth

15. What's the best thing a fan could say to you after a show? 
“I really liked your band even though I don't listen to music like that” is probably my favorite. If you can get someone to appreciate a different genre than what they normally do I think that's the biggest win.

16. Do it for the fans? Or do it for yourself? 
Yourself. If you don't love what you make / what you are doing in a band then why do it? Also, why would anyone else like it if you just seem bored or miserable during a set? They pretty much go hand an hand.

17. How many days in a row can you wear the same pair of pants on tour before it becomes, ya know, a problem? 
Who needs a tour to answer this? And in all honestly it depends on how much perfume or dryer sheets you have on hand. I would say 3 days – but in tour world that is probably a week if you spend half your time pant-less while in the van. It also depends on how smelly you are naturally lol

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