September Spotlight: Striking Copper

Striking Copper

Allie Donnelly - Vocals
Jacquie Lee - Vocals
Matt Donnelly - Vocals/Guitar
Frank Cacciutto - Drums
John Stewart - Bass
Dan Bennett - Guitar
"Striking Copper is a rock/folk rock band hailing out of Wilmington, North Carolina fronted by redheaded twin sisters.
Raised by musically inclined and/or enthusiastic families, with ever encouraging parents, the band’s cradle was rocked by the hands of legends like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, CSNY, Earth Wind and Fire and Led Zeppelin, among others. Now that they have developed their own musical taste,

Striking Copper is continually inputting their music database with contemporary artists and gaining insight and influence from all genres, old and new. The band believes music is a way in which to tell a story. It’s not just what the story is about, but it’s how you present it, and how you preserve it.

The band came together in hopes to combine their inspiration's and ideas to create something new, Something they feel helps fill in the gaps between Rock, Folk, and Americana . Striking Copper continuously strives to learn and grow as musicians."
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