September Spotlight with Bad Mary!

September 4, 2017

Check out what Bad Mary has to say from Kings Park, NY!

Their new EP comes out on Sept 29th! Be sure to check it out!

1. Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes? If you have vinyl, which is your most cherished album?
We all still have a lot of our analog media. Mike and Amanda definitely have a collection of new and old vinyl that they love to listen to a bit. Bill has a lot of stuff from his childhood too. Not sure what our most cherished album is, but Mike loves his copy of Green Day’s Insomiac that he has on vinyl. David sent all of his vinyl to his brother, who still has the collection. Most treasured would probably be Queen - A Night at the Opera. Bill’s treasured recording is from the Concert for Bangladesh, we’re not allowed to touch that one.

2. Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage?
Tweaking our backs from jumps and tweaking our necks from headbanging. Bill tends to bleed at every show, he often gets blisters on his hands. David once played with the flu, like a warrior. Amanda once fell off a stage and twisted her ankle pretty badly. Luckily she’s ALSO a warrior and keep kicking ass.

3. If you ever decided to do an entire album of covers, which songs would make the cut? We’ve covered Next To you by The Police and Hybrid Moments by The Misfits. Other covers that would make the cut? Helter Skelter by The Beatles, Don’t You Want Me by The Human League, Call Me by Blondie, All Day and All of the Night by The Kinks, Time Warp from Rocky Horror, Suffragette City by David Bowie.  We started out as a cover band roughly 7-8 years ago, so we have a good stable of covers that we could put on a cover album. In addition we really want to cover either Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill or Deceptacon by Le Tigre!

4. What’s the one local place ~ restaurant, dive, pool hall, tattoo parlor, etc. ~ that you HAVE to visit every time you’re back home?
We LOVE Mr. Beery’s in Bethpage. It’s our home. We’ll play there whenever they ask. We have our annual holiday party there as well. December 15, 2017!!

5. Ultimate venue that you’d want to play ~ one that captures exactly what the band is about and is a perfect match for your performance style..
In all honesty, we’d say CBGB. We’re really sad that it’s gone, we think we would have really fit there….especially if we had a DeLorean Time Machine to go back to 1977 to play there. We’d also love to tour Japan….

6. Most important lesson you’ve learned from being in the music industry?
NEVER STOP. The industry will make it very tough for you to continue, and you almost never have enough time, money, or energy to keep going, but you owe it to yourself to never stop.

7.  Where do you all come from, musically speaking? Have you been a musician/in a band since you were a kid? Did you take lessons or are you self-taught? And is the genre you play now what you started out in/have there been some musical detours along the way?
David learned guitar when he got suspended from High School in England, and has been playing ever since he was 16. He started as a metal-head, plays some flamenco too, but now is all about punk. Mike grew up playing trumpet, picked up the bass at 12, and studied Music in College. Bill has been a natural drummer and musician since the age of 4, which is probably why he can play anything and everything stylistically. Amanda grew up in Musical Theater and studied Theater in College. It’s absolutely had a positive effect on our live performance.

8. If you could have been involved in the soundtrack to one film, which film would you have chosen?
Mike and Amanda would love to be involved in some Kevin Smith project or something by Tarantino or Edgar Wright. If Wright could perfectly sync one of our songs to the action a la Baby Driver, we think we’d lose it. We were fortunate enough to have songs featured in a Roger Corman film, Deathrace 2050, and we most certainly would love to work with that production house again.

9. Thoughts on technical prowess vs stage presence:
We’re a band that focuses heavily on our stage performance. While we appreciate and respect technical prowess, sometimes all you need are some power-chords and a good scream.

10. Can a performer possess such an amazing amount of one that it makes up for the lack of the other?
You need both, you can’t be crap and expect an audience to like you because you look good on stage. But it’s all tailored to what you want to do. If you want to be a punk band, it’s more about being tight and energetic. If you want to jam, you better be able to fucking JAM. If you want to play sure to own a lot of leather and denim and play the shit out of those sweeping solos. We like it all, and don’t think that either could make up for the other.

11. Best song titles ever…even if you don’t like the songs…
Bitchin Camaro...great song, great name.

12. Which generally comes first in your songwriting process, lyrics or instrumentals? Or does it vary so much that there is no “generally?”
It depends on who writes it! If Mike is writing something it’s usually the hook or a vocal melody. David tends to write the entire song all at once. Amanda is great with lyrics and tends to write those first. Bill writes all the drums. And it’s very important to our sound that Bill does the drum things that he does.  It all comes together and is a great process.

13. What's your mode of transportation for touring?
When we go out of town we generally pile into Bill’s big, comfortable, Lincoln town car. If we need to bring a lot of equipment...we take all the seats out of Mike’s Honda Element and hope for the best.

14. If you had to write a song that was an ode to an inanimate object, what would that object be?
Most likely desserts of some kind. Like cookies or ice cream.

15. Do you travel with any merch sellers or techs?
Our friend Rory, when she’s around, runs our merch. She’s awesome and a founding member of the band that would become Bad Mary. We love when she’s around.

16. Do you ever wear any of your band's own merch?
YEP! We’re not afraid to self promote!

17. Not to get political, but ~ thoughts on music classes being offered in every school?
We think that all students should at least have the ability to study music in school, if they want to.

18. How did the band come together? Was there an audition process? Did you all already know each other or each other’s work in previous bands? Were there some early line-up changes before everything finally clicked?
We started out as a party band that played Drama Department functions at Hofstra University. One year after the Holiday Party we decided to make this band outside of the school. At that point we became a cover band called Madame-X. After about a year or two we wanted to start writing music. Our original drummer, Rory, got a great career opportunity so we asked Bill if he’d like to be in the band. From then we came up with Bad Mary and started writing.

19. When the band tours, should audiences expect slightly different versions of the songs from what’s on the album or do you try to duplicate the sound of the album as closely as possible?
We have definitely crafted live versions of our songs. Just how music evolves over time. We think it’s important to have a little bit of a different flair when we play live.

20. If you play a show and it’s just as good as you wanted it to be (nothing specific, just an overall lackluster performance), do you beat yourself up about it or just move on to the next show and make that one killer?
There’s always another show, so no. We move on and make sure to constantly get better.

21 Any major shows or festivals that you’re dying to play but haven’t yet had the chance to?
We’d LOVE to play at Riot Fest in Chicago.

22. What is everyone's favorite animal and why?
Steve the greyhound! He’s like our unofficial mascot! The best band dog ever!

23. What's the best thing a fan could say to you after a show?
The best we’ve heard was when we played Warped back in 2015 and someone said to us “thank you for keeping the spirit and energy of what this tour is about in your performance”. Can’t really beat that.

24. Which power ranger speaks to you most spiritually?
The Megazord! Yeah it’s technically not a ranger, but they’re nothing without one another. Also...we love giant robots.


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