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March Spotlight: Hand Job Academy!

Hand Job Academy

Ash Wednesday
Clara Bizna$$
Uncle Meg
Hand Job Academy (or "H.J.A." for the squeamish) is a Brooklyn-based rap collective formed in 2012, comprising three emcees: Ash Wednesday, Clara Bizna$$, and Uncle Meg (who doubles as the group's videographer).


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February Spotlight:

The Sweethearts

Female fronted punk band from Austin, TX
Linette - Vocals,
Ren - Guitar,
Christy - Bass,
Rudy - Drums
The Sweethearts play catchy, melodic and upbeat songs with a pop punk heart. They have a spunky, contagious enthusiasm that will surely make you smil…

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Janurary Spotlight: Rorie Kelly!


Rorie Kelly is a small redheaded tornado of sound. She cultivates a persona that is one part adorable, two parts badass rock-and-roll. First-time listeners often comment, “I can’t believe that voice came out of that body.” rorie writes catchy, melodic rock songs that she plays with enough …

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December Spotlight: BAD MARY!

Amanda Mac - Vocals
Mike Staub - Bass/Vocals
Bill Mac - Drums
David Henderson - Guitar

Bad Mary is a high-energy punk band from Long Island, New York. They play music that is danceable, fast, loud, and fun. Drawing influence from the likes of Blondie and The Ramones, Green Day and No Doubt, Bad…

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November Spotlight: J and the 9s!

"From the depths of brooklyn emerges a creature with a vengeance. a four headed beast that drips rock, breathes roll, and lives punk. Cursed with the enslavement to an urban existence, the source of its power is derived from the streets. in a world with smeared faces, forgotten identities, and w…

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October Spotlight: Sara Savery


Sara Savery is well-known as the lead singer/bass player/multi instrumentalist and producer in both People Press Play (Morr Music) and Ghost Society and for her collaboration with Blue Foundation and Bichi. She is based in Brooklyn, NY and has a new album 'The Diver'…

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September Spotlight: The Two-Tens

The Two Tens

The Two Tens are a hot new L.A. duo featuring Rikki Styxx on drums and Adam Bones on vocals and guitar. "The Two Tens exude a ferocious live sound, serving up lightning-quick garage rock that turns the clock back to first-wave punk." The band just released three back-to-bac…

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August Spotlight: PUSSYWOLF



Katie Ballou- Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Amanda Gonzalez- Bass/Vocals

Alexandra Gonzalez Drums/Vocals


All girl rock band playing dirty, nasty, riff-heavy Pussywolf blues.

Music to drink whiskey, wear boots and kick things over to. 

The time has come to howl at t…

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July Spotlight - SHARK WEEK - with SHARKMUFFIN!




"Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch, and Janet LaBelle are a force to be reckoned with when put together. Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It's rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are.“ - The …

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June Spotlight: Triple the Trouble

By far the most adorable band we've ever done a spotlight on... 

"Triple The Trouble is a sister band of Aria (13), bass - Bryce (11), guitar - and Bailey (9), drums. They began lessons just a few years ago but immediately caught their instructors’ eyes by not only how quickly they pic…

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May Day with Debra Lynne


Her music is filled with powerful vocals and enchanting melodies, 
with songs ranging from soulful ballads to upbeat country-rock, 
and themes ranging from love to hurt a…

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April Spotlight: MELODY ROSE!

Melody Rose is a vocalist from New York. She has been fortunate to have many prestigious opportunities, such as touring Europe on two occasions whilst performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival. 
Following the release of her first single "Dressed to Kill," Melody was featured on rever…

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March Madness Spotlight: Paralandra


Casandra Carson - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Paul Carson - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Josh Pool - Bass/Vocals
Nick Gray - Drums/Vocals

"Striving to be America's most prodigious music export, Paralandra is a straightforward rock band hailing from Springfield, Missouri"

"The band received i…

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Have a great VAGXCORE day everyone! Celebrate by listening, sharing, and finding new female-fronted/all-female bands!

Here's a brand new video from our friends, Jackknife Stiletto, released just at the right time.



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February Spotlight: Go Betty Go!


Go Betty Go

From Los Angeles, CA!


Michelle Rangel - bassist
Betty Cisneros - guitar
Nicolette Vilar - vox
Aixa Vilar - drums

"When sisters Aixa and Nicolette Vilar attended Glendale High School circa 1999, they were just another pair of bored local t

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January Spotlight: Bare John!

Bare John is a female fronted four piece band from Stoke-on-Trent, England. Fronted by Sophie Bret, the band blends classic rock, alternative and prog elements to create a powerful, heavy sound. They sound like a metal version of Fleetwood Mac. They’re pissed off. They’re lovers. They’re fighters. T…

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December: The Bluebonnets!

The Blue Bonnets

Kathy Valentine (of The Go-Go's) - guitar, vocals
Dominique Davalos - bass, vocals
Eve Monsees - guitar, vocals
Kristy McInnis - drums

"Like a Texas-California combo plate, the BlueBonnets serve up a set of glamorous glitter blues rock complimented with layered girl group h…

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November: The Bombpops

The Bombpops consists of Jen Razavi, Poli Van Dam, Neil Wayne, & Josh Lewis.

"Formed in 2007, The Bombpops quickly became a mainstay of the storied San Diego punk scene, channeling youthful aggression through a healthy reverence for the genre’s progenitors and musical skill well beyond their year…

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October Spotlight: The Dollyrots!

The Dollyrots are a rock n' roll band from Los Angeles, CA consisting of Kelly Ogden on Lead Vox/Bass, Luis Cabezas on Guitar/Vox, and a rotating roster of fill-in drummers including, most recently, Mel Funk of Jackknife Stiletto, an all-female rock band from NYC. (


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September: Back to School w/ No Small Children!

No Small Children is a rockin band of chicks from Los Angeles, CA, and for these gals,
it's time to go back to school! 
No Small Children is Lisa Parade, Nicola B., and Joanie Pimentel. They are kick-ass, rockin’ chicks by night and schoolteachers by day. They have a powerful sound that i…

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