VXC Industries, LTD is a company ran by women for women of rock. We have branched out into promotion, distribution, publishing, and merchandising for females in the music industry. Along with our company, we started a new genre of music because it's time to restart the female revolution with VAGXCORE! From Riot Grrrl to Girl Power to VAGXCORE. 

This new genre of music is committed to blasting th
e airwaves with female rock. If pop music can do it, so can we! The female revolution is in a stand-still moment right now - we think it's time to bring females back to the front of the line and into your ears. 

Jackknife Stiletto




To Order... Contact: Info@VXCIndustries.com

All orders can be processed via PayPal.

We can split designs on all orders!

Special thanks to the bands that were a part of VAGXCORE Compilations!
Jackknife Stiletto, Urkel & The Winslows, Midnight Mob, Headboard Jockeys, The Dirty Panties, Eva Jade Landon, Damn Broads!, Frenamie, Victims of Experience.